About FPP

Forever Pleasure Parties is very different than the big sensual party companies out there. Our mission is to provide sex-positive education and body safe products to individuals and couples in the privacy of their own home.

Forever Pleasure Parties is not your regular sex toy party company. Unlike 99% of all party companies, we have qualified sex educators as our consultants. Our reps go through hundreds of hours of sexuality training so they can provide you and your guests the most accurate sex information available.

The other thing that sets Forever Pleasure Parties apart is our products. Just like our online store, Forever Pleasure, our party company only sells the best and safest adult toys available. Most toy party companies sell inferior products with hefty profit margins. The main problem with these products are that they may contain chemicals (called pthalates) that can be harmful to the body.

Our founder and CEO is renowned sexologist and sex expert, Dr. Brian Parker. Dr. Parker has taught thousands of adults and youth about sexuality. Dr. Brian started doing his own toy parties in 2006 and in October 2010 decided to launch Forever Pleasure Parties after being approached by a number of consultants who wanted to align themselves with a sex-positive company which vowed to help people have better sex lives.

By offering his own toy parties, Dr. Brian realized that Forever Pleasure Parties were very different to the vast majority of 'parties' being offered by other companies. Dr. Brian's humorous, sex-positive, yet educational presentations struck a cord with the party goers. They reported that the informational and entertaining style was nothing like the previous parties they had attended. Dr. Brian realized that he needed to train others with this same style.

Our Experts

Dr. Brian Parker

Dr. Brian Parker is a highly respected sexologist and sex educator with a Ph. D. and an Ed. D. from the world's premier sex school The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Over the past 9 years, Dr. Brian has taught sex ed to over 60,000 individuals across North America. He has been featured in numerous magazines including Cosmopolitan, Psychology Today, and Reader's Digest. Further, Dr. Parker has been a regular guest on a number of radio and television shows including Cosmo Radio, Breakfast Television, and Help TV.

Dr. Brian Parker is also the co-creator of two, self-help, intimacy board games getting rave reviews across North America. Embrace is a sensually stimulating board game for lovers that can be played on three levels: Romantic, Sexual Intimacy, and Hot Sex. Pillow Talk: The Sensual Relationship Game uses sexuality as the framework to help couples resolve problematic relationship issues such as money, in-laws, and jealousy.

In February of 2006, Dr. Brian launched www.foreverpleasure.com, a sex-positive online adult store featuring erotic art, high-end adult toys, and the best adult sex education on the web.

In October of 2010, Dr. Parker launched Forever Pleasure Parties to offer North Americans a better sensual party experience.

Press & Media

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For all Forever Pleasure Parties media inquiries please email press@foreverpleasureparties.com.

Company History

Forever Pleasure Parties founder and CEO, Dr. Brian Parker launched www.foreverpleasure.com and began offering his unique style of sex toy parties in 2006. Because of the success of his parties and the increasing popularity of at home parties, Dr. Brian decided to create Forever Pleasure Parties.

Forever Pleasure Parties is currently seeking individuals with a sexuality background to become party reps with the company.